Rabu, 27 Mei 2009

RS Husada Utama Surabaya

Husada Utama Hospital in Surabaya is located on Prof. Dr. Moestopo St. no 31-35 which stands splendidly on 11.980 m2 area with 16 floors and 12.368 m2 parking area.

The hospital is owned by PT. Cipta Karya Husada Utama which was established in 1993. At present, 99% of the shares are owned by PT Indonusa Prima, which engages in wide healthcare related businesses; such as hospitals, pharmaceuticals, health equipments, medicines, etc.

Our Philosophy

Patient Total Satisfaction
Caring for the patients’ need and their families; and being innovative in fulfilling these needs.

High Quality Health Service
To set uncompromising hospital standards in integrity and efficiency.

Health Care Innovation
To develop advances in modern health sciences align with our health service strategy.

Staff Development
To constantly invest in staff training and skill up grading for our personnel to fulfill their fullest potential to provide excellent services.

People Oriented Management
To create a conductive work environment based on humanity, colleaguality, team work, discipline, and responsibility.
Our Goal

To be the leading private specialist hospital in facing the challenges of the next millennium.

To provide the most excellent healthcare supported by accurate medical technology with the highest professional standard.

To provide high quality education and research for our medical staffs, nurses, and other staffs in order to their continuing growth and development, to meet the increasingly requirements of high quality health care services.

To provide convenient and friendly atmosphere for employees, patients, and their families with personal concern and compassion.

To promote their optimum utilization of resources.


Prof. Dr. Moestopo No.31-35, Surabaya 60131, Phone (62-31) 501.8335 / 501.7975, Fax (62-31) 501.8337 / 501.0777

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